A group of professional, educated, gorgeous (of course!!) Manhattan women wanted to know how in the world they could make their profiles stand out among the thousands that exist on dating web sites.

So…they tackled the question directly and went to research libraries at local universities thinking that someone – somewhere – had studied this subject. To their amazement there were loads of academic papers and studies on what, exactly, prompted men (or women) glancing through multiple profiles to focus on one in particular.

Weeding through almost a hundred academic papers, they discovered what definitely works, what may work in certain situations, and what will never work (this is not the place to state that you have been the subject of numerous restraining orders!!).

They gathered the data and applied it to their narratives and photos based on techniques that were proven to be statistically significant in attracting attention to online dating profiles and over time saw results.

As friends also expressed frustration with online dating, we shared our secrets with them. We have worked with men and women to literally take control of their digital persona and showcase themselves in the best light possible.

We will help you strategically and thoughtfully create an online personality that represents the REAL YOU in the most flattering way based on what daters respond to.